Permanent datamatrix marking traceability

Traceability and automatic reading

Gravotech offers integrated or portable industrial vision solutions suited to every application to improve the quality and safety of manufacturing processes.
These solutions are 100% compatible with the permanent marking machines sold and developed by Gravotech.

Gravotech has developed a comprehensive traceability solution guaranteeing certified traceability throughout the manufacturing process:

2D code marking 2D code reading with a camera 2D marking verification

This solution includes:

Barcode marking on plastics with laser Dot-peen Data Matrix™ code on metal Scribing of Data Matrix™ code
Bar code marking on plastic using laser Data Matrix™ code engraving on metal using dot peen Data Matrix™ code scribe marking

All codes marked using Gravotech's marking solutions meet international quality standards including AIAG automobile and IAQG aeronautics standards. 


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