Propen marking solution

Propen: marking machines for distributors

Propen is the Group's distribution brand for our network of local and international professionals.
With over 300 distributors worldwide, Propen has the most developed network for installing and maintaining its permanent marking equipment and thus is able to forge close relationships with its clients.

Over the last 30 years, Propen has installed over 40,000 solutions worldwide.

Our clients trust us to understand their problems and find the quality identification solution that meets their needs. First and foremost they are looking for machines that are easy to install, use and maintain.

Propen offers 2 dot peen marking solutions:

Thanks to its range of permanent marking machines and accessories, Propen guarantees it has the identification solution you need to suit your application.

Portable machine M7000

Fixed machine P5000

portable dot peen marking machine stand alone dot peen marking machine  
Permanent identification of large or difficult to access parts and equipment. Marks quickly and adapts to the part regardless of size and material.  

The advantages of Propen solutions:

engraving cylindrical mechanical part padlock keys lock engraved antitheft device identification marking 2D code marking  Data Matrix™ QR Code
Engraving on various mechanical parts Marking on keys and locks Anti-theft engraving 2D code marking:
Data Matrix™, QR Code, etc.

A global presence and user proximity

Propen guarantees local technical support worldwide thanks to its large number of distributors present over 5 continents. This extensive network allows each user to benefit from support and adapted support services.

Quality, Research and Development

Gravotech meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001 version 2008 concerning customer satisfaction.

Respect of safety standards has always been part of the design of Propen machines. Today, all products in the range meet CE and CEM standards.

Thanks to its dynamism and its sizeable Research and Development budget, Propen is able to offer innovative and adapted solutions to allow your equipment to evolve with industry needs.

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